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This literature review is intended to gather relevant and useful documents into one place to inform the NET

Neighborhood Assessment Kit as well as other community emergency preparedness initiatives. A “Literature Re-
view” is a comprehensive review of publications, in this case relevant to disaster training, local hazards, commu-
nity capabilities, and tools and resources that may be useful. This document is intended to be a working docu-
ment that is regularly updated as information changes and as more information becomes available.

The purpose of this literature review is to offer guidance and information to NET volunteers and other Portland
residents. The aim of this document is to consolidate information about Portland’s neighborhoods, possible
neighborhood hazards and capabilities, resources for neighborhood assessments, and examples of how other
localities approach disaster preparedness (and some of their respective documents).
We sincerely hope this document helps readers:
• Educate themselves and their neighbors on the hazards, vulnerabilities, and capabilities in their community.
• Mitigate risks, protect capabilities, and employ resources during a disaster.
• Coordinate with their community to forge collective resilience strategies.