This is to notify you that an application has been submitted for a development permit on the properties located at 5828 N Harvard St. and 5816 N Harvard St., Portland, OR 97203.

The applications were filed on 02/23/2022 and 02/24/2022.

Description of the tree to be removed: A 47” diameter Big Leaf Maple on the shared property line, near N Harvard St. Per an Arborist report by Urban Forest Pro the tree is in very poor condition. It has trunk rot in multiple stems, including codominant stems at ground level. It also has several large dead limbs. The tree removal is to take place under demolition/deconstruction permit #’s 22-101807-000-00-RS and 22-101803-000-00-RS.

As required by Portland City Code section 11.50.040, there is a delay period of 45 days from the date of this notice before work under the permit can begin. Notice issued 04/21/2022.

If you have any questions, please contact:

[email protected] or 503-701-7277

Colin Christensen, AIA

woofter bolch architecture

107 SE Washington St., Ste. 228

Portland, Oregon  97214

503 701 7277